Registration desk will open on 19 October 2023 at 8:00 AM

Day 1 – 19 October 2023

9:00-9:50Keynote I – Charbel Farhat
Digital What?
Chaired by: Matteo Diez (CNR-INM)
9:50-11:15Session I
Chaired by: Lorenzo Tamellini (CNR-IMATI)
Talk 1Essence of Digital Twins
L. Mainini, M. Diez
Talk 2Reduced Order Modelling for Digital Twin
G. Rozza
Talk 3Digital Twin Enabled Framework for Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration
C. Mineo, I. Infantino, R. Siragusa, F. D’Ippolito
Talk 4A Global Sensitivity Analysis of a Hybrid PDE–ODE Model for Cancer-on-Chip Experiments
E. Campanile, A. Colombi, G. Bretti
Talk 5Human Digital Twins: Multiscale Modeling and Simulations of Cell Dynamics
M. Menci
11:15-11:45Coffee Break
11:45-13:00Session II
Chaired by: Gabriella Bretti (CNR-IAC) 
Talk 6Physiology-Informed Machine Learning for Patient-Specific Intraocular Pressure and Blood Pressure Management in Glaucoma
L. Bociu, G. Guidoboni, A. Harris, B. Siesky, D. Prada, R. Sacco
Talk 7Towards A Digital Twin for Personalized Diabetes Prevention: The PRAESIIDIUM Project
A. Paglialonga, M. Lenatti, D. Simeone, P. F. De Paola, A. Carlevaro, M. Mongelli, F. Dabbene, F. Castiglione, M. C. Palumbo, P. Stolfi, P. Tieri
Talk 8Alternative Approaches to Cancer Treatment: Towards Stochastic Tumour Control
A. Borri, E. Mitkova Nikolova, P. Palumbo, F. Papa
Talk 9Digital Twins and Virtual Populations: Applications in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
F. Reali, A. Paris, S. Giampiccolo, E. Righetti, L. Marchetti
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:50Keynote II – Thomas H. Kolbe
Urban Digital Twins – Current State and Scientific Challenges
Chaired by: Michela Mortara (CNR-IMATI)
14:50-16:15Session III
Chaired by: Daniele Pellegrini (CNR-ISTI)
Talk 10Towards Intelligent Urban Decision Support: Cognitive Duality and Digital Twins
R. De Benedictis, G. Beraldo, A. Cesta, G. Cortellessa
Talk 11Human and Social Aspects in the Development of Urban Digital Twins
R. Malvezzi, G. Castelli
Talk 12An IT Platform for Managing and Sharing Data Among Digital Twins of an Urban Intelligence System
S. Silvestri, M. Ciampi
Talk 13Towards Immersive Urban Digital Twins
B. Bonino, D. Cabiddu, M. Mortara, K. Lupinetti, S. Pittaluga
Talk 14Towards Digital Twins of Territories Through Semantic Story Maps
V. Bartalesi, G. Coro, E. Lenzi, N. Pratelli, P. Pagano
16:15-16:45Coffee Break
16:45-18:25Session IV
Chaired by: Marco Sacco (CNR-STIIMA)
Talk 153D Feature Recognition for the Assessment of Buildings’ Energy Efficiency
D. Cabiddu, M. Mortara, C. Romanengo, A. Scalas, A. Bellazzi, L. Belussi, L. Danza, M. Ghellere
Talk 16Digital Twins of Civil Structures Using Neural Networks and Probabilistic Graphical Models
M. Torzoni, S. Mariani, A. Manzoni, M. Tezzele, K. E. Willcox
Talk 17A Digital Twin-Based Platform for Structural Health Monitoring: Preliminary Results
M. Girardi, C. Padovani, D. Pellegrini 
Talk 18Digital Twin Development of a Historical Building
C. Rainieri, L. Ceri, I. Rosati
Talk 19Modeling and Simulation of a Farmer Robot for In-Field Vineyard Monitoring
A. Rana, A. Petitti, A. Milella
18:25-18:30Day 1 – Closing

Day 2 – 20 October 2023

9:00-9:50Keynote III – Ute Brönner
Digital Twins of The Ocean to Foster a Sustainable Blue Economy in a Protected Marine Environment
Chaired by: Cecilia Leotardi (CNR-INM)
9:50-11:15Session V
Chaired by: Ugo Cortesi (CNR-IFAC)
Talk 20Digital Twins of the Ocean: 2D/3D/4D Microparticle Flow Visualisations
J. Fabrini, Harald Warmelink, Marie Lhuissier, Ute Brönner
Talk 21Holistic Digital Twin of The Ocean
E. F. Campana, G. Coro
Talk 22Digital Twins of The Ocean: Autogenerated 3D Environments for Validating Offshore Wind Farm Operations
C. Pereira Santos, H. Warmelink, M. Courchesne, (J. Fabrini)
Talk 23A Ship Digital Twin for Safe and Sustainable Ship Operations
M. Zhang, S. Hirdaris, N. Tsoulakos
Talk 24Digital Twin of Autonomous Surface Vehicles: From Standard Methodologies Towards Extended Data-Based Models
M. Bibuli, R. Ferretti, A. Odetti, S. Aracri, M. Caccia, M. Diez, A. Serani
11:15-11:45Coffee Break
11:45-13:00Session VI
Chaired by: Giuseppe Stecca (CNR-IASI)
Talk 25Driving Sustainable Change: Analyzing and Promoting the Adoption of Electric Vehicles
C. Ravazzi, F. Dabbene, V. Breschi, M. Tanelli, S. Strada
Talk 26A Simulation Approach to Enhance Warehouse Logistics Performance in the Ceramic Tile Sector
M. Taccini, G. Dotti, M. Iori, A. Subramanian
Talk 27Bridging Digital and Circular Economy to Risk Management in Major-Accident Hazards Risk Installations
C. Mazziotti Gomez de Teran, M. Mari
Talk 28Building An Ecosystem of Interoperable Digital Twins: Challenges & Experiences
M. Picone, M. Fogli, N. Bicocchi, M. Mamei, C. Giannelli, P. Bellavista
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:50Keynote IV – Andrea Lodi
Machine Learning for Combinatorial Optimization and its Impact in Logistics
Chaired by: Claudio Gentile (CNR-IASI)
14:50-16:15Session VII
Chaired by: Mario Ciampi (CNR-ICAR)
Talk 29Randomized Methods for Underdetermined Linear Inverse Problems
L. Della Cioppa, M. Tartaglione, A. Pascarella, F. Pitolli
Talk 30Convolutional Neural Networks for the Automatic Control of Consumables for Analytical Laboratories
M. Zribi, P. Pagliuca, F. Pitolli
Talk 31Convergence Bounds for Node Selection in Federated Learning
F. Malandrino, C. F. Chiasserini
Talk 32On some Optimization Problems in Power Energy
C. Gentile, T. Bacci, S. Mattia, A. Frangioni, F. Lacalandra, M. Gherardi
Talk 33Automatic Discovery of Low-Dimensional Dynamics Underpinning Time-Dependent PDEs by Means of Latent Dynamics Networks
F. Regazzoni, S. Pagani, L. Dedè, M. Salvador, A. Quarteroni
16:15-16:45Coffee Break
16:45-18:25Session VIII
Chaired by: Riccardo De Benedictis (CNR-ISTC)
Talk 34Are Digital Twins Suitable to Drive Safe AI?
A. Carlevaro, G. De Bernardi, M. Lenatti, S. Narteni, M. Muselli, A. Paglialonga, F. Dabbene, M. Mongelli
Talk 35Physics-Aware Soft-Sensors for Embedded Digital Twins
F. Marcuzzi, G. Giusteri, E. Chinellato, L. Rinaldi, P. Martin
Talk 36A New ILP Model for Finding Optimal Evacuation Paths in Emergency Scenarios
P. Ventura, G. Stecca
Talk 37Enhanced Methodology for Developing a Soft Sensor to Estimate Surface Area and Zeta Potential in Advanced Manufacturing Systems
R. P. Moghadam, C. A. Shukla, V. V. Ranade
Talk 38Some Challenges and Methods for Digital Development of New Generation Fuels
F. S. Marra
18:25-18:30Day 2 – Closing